This page offers some comments and reflections from Odyssey Project students

Why We Came to Odyssey Project

"I needed to replenish my mind. All my kids are in college or graduated. It was my opportunity to do something now." -Lisa Causley

"I believed it was what I was supposed to do. An opportunity if I delved into it. I saw it in some publication, maybe library newsletter. It was a passion that hung around." -Anonymous student

"My daughter told me about it, said it would be perfect for you…I always loved to read…not an issue with me." -Deborah Fairley

"To expand my knowledge of diverse topics. It also gave me opportunity to receive college credits, so that I may continue my education and receive a degree." -Angela Elzy

What We Gained from Odyssey

"I’m more confident to go back on the job market (plus)...I feel smarter. I have a list of books to read. I’m off Stephanie Plum now. I’ll be sad when the program is over." -Linda Ellison-Smith

"I like the unconventional type class style. More geared toward people with life experience." -Lisa Causley

"We’re not just writing for ourselves… Never had to read this much. Wouldn’t have read if it wasn’t demanded." -Diana Bialeschki

"I’ve grown a whole lot, especially with my writing …I realize I have a voice. I actually make some sense…You have to dig deep in your soul to find your voice.” -Darlene Wilson-Johnson

"Now I do read, interact more with my children's homework because I’m more positive and able.” -Sandra Mitchell

"It’s very beneficial to have it in the community. So many people could benefit. It brings together different races, cultures, ages. We have to adapt in the class room…I wish they had this when I was a teen mom." -Tanya Weatherly

"The most important thing I’ve gained from Odyssey is an appreciation for the humanities, respecting other peoples’ interpretation of the humanities, having open conversation, respect for other peoples’ opinions and experiences…If people want to go forward, this is a wonderful program to get that feel for returning. I don’t know if it prepares them but it gives the flavor of what it’s about. It’s a great starting point." -Janice Walker

"I’ve met new people in my community. I’m learning about my history…at least a different aspect of that history. I’m also able to discuss philosophy armed with information and ask questions. It brings new light for me, to the humanities." -Malik A. Abdullah

"The perspectives I was exposed to with a community peer group enhanced each class from the pages of books and textbooks to our real world." -Shamika Goddard

Odyssey Wisdom

"Never think that someone who might not be as well traveled as the next person doesn’t have something to offer." -Janice Walker

"On weekends I start my homework on Friday nights and keep on until Saturday, sometimes even until Sunday. My kids know when I’m doing my homework to leave me alone." -Deborah Fairley

"Initially I thought Black Boy was too thick. Then when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. It’s someone’s life from wherever to wherever…Wright was a why person, I’m a why person. You won’t always get answers. There are enough things in that book that I have seen, heard, experienced…that tells me it’s valid." -Anonymous student

"For many people in Odyssey Project it’s like a beginning, a whole new world…a blessing. People at work say 'you’ve changed.' I feel like I’m important now.' -Darlene Wilson-Johnson

"I wanted to inspire my daughter. She’s eight years old." -Linda Ellison-Smith